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Yurbi Price Guide

Simple, Configurable, and Transparent

Yurbi's pricing model is simple and predictable and we're pretty transparent about it. User licenses start at just $495 per year and that includes all the powerful features of our platform. 

But we've also created a flexible model that scales well for organizations with lots of users or for organizations that want to share data on public websites.

That’s why we put together this pricing guide—to help you avoid overpaying for BI software and configure licenses to match your organization's requirements . This Guide will:

  • The flexible types of user licenses we’ve tailored for environments large, small and everything in between
  • Recommendations for the most common use cases we’ve seen
  • Cost-saving strategies, tech tips, key decision-making points and more!

And what pricing guide would be complete without the actual price of the solution? The Yurbi Pricing Guide gives you all the hard numbers you need to calculate your costs and develop your usage strategy. Fill out the form on this page to download now.

Have more questions before downloading,  see the FAQ section below.

Questions about Pricing? Call Us at 1-855-GET-5000

Can I evaluate Yurbi before purchasing it?
Yes, you can try our online Test Drive of Yurbi here to get a feel for it with our sample data and if that sparks your interest we encourage you to do a free 21-day proof of concept where we help you install Yurbi on your server, connected to your data, so you can really see the power.
Do you offer Whitelabel or OEM pricing?
We do and we try to be very flexible to provide a custom price model to match how your product or service is sold. Contact us for more information on those programs.
Is Yurbi Cloud based?
Yurbi is 100% web-based but we do not offer it as a cloud service. For now we would rather focus on making great software than managing a hosted infrastructure. However, that doesn't stop you from hosting it on Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, Azure or any other cloud provider to offer a cloud-based service to your users or customers.
Do you sell to International customers?
We sure do. With Yurbi's multi-lingual support, we think Yurbi is a great fit for our Non-US based customers. We accept both credit cards and bank wire transfers as payment methods for International customers.
Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we provide special pricing for Education, Government, and Non-Profit organizations. Contact us for more information on those programs.
How is Yurbi licensed?
By downloading the eBook above you can learn more of the details but the short answer is we have both a user based license model and a report based license model. Licenses are sold as an Annual Term and all support and upgrades are included in the subscription.
Are there any training or implementation costs?
We do offer Instructor-Led Web Based training and Professional Services. However most organizations find working with our Customer Success organization (which is included in our license cost) is more than enough to get them successful with Yurbi. Contact us if you are interested in training or services.
What happened to Yurbi Community?
Yurbi Community was a free version of Yurbi that we offered a few years ago. We thought it would be a great option for small businesses looking to get into BI but honestly it never caught on the way we expected. We no longer offer a free version but the features we used to provide for free are still only $990 per year. Still a great value for small businesses, we think.

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