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Secured Access

Named User Licenses starting at $499 per year per data source. Concurrent User Licenses starting at $2495 per year for unlimited data sources. Users experience all the security and personalization features of Yurbi.

Guest/Public View Access

Public View Reports $149.50 per year. Perfect when sharing non-critical data to large audiences, internally on even on your public website. Sold in packs of 10.

No Data Limits

Yurbi is hosted on-premise, behind your firewall. Connect to as much data as you need. With Yurbi, you don't have to copy your data into the cloud and you upgrade your server when you want to.

Complete BI Platform

Dashboards, reports, ad-hoc building, mobile, scheduling, security and more. We don't sell add-ons, you get all the power of Yurbi.

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David Ferguson, Founder

Why we price the way we do

The BI Industry has always been secretive when it comes to pricing. Most vendors will give you the "call us" button on their pricing page. Or they actually show you one price but you learn later the price is much higher.

At 5000fish we believe pricing should be clear and transparent and it should work for the smallest companies and use cases and be able to scale to the largest enterprises. And dashboards and reports shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. They should help grow your business, not drain the bottom line.

If you have any questions or feedback about Yurbi, please don't hesistate to contact us.

Can I evaluate Yurbi before purchasing it?

Yes, you can try our online Test Drive of Yurbi here to get a feel for it with our sample data and if that sparks your interest we encourage you to do a free 30-day proof of concept where we help you install Yurbi on your server, connected to your data, so you can really see the power.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we provide special pricing for Education, Government, and Non-Profit organizations. Contact us for more information on those programs.

Do you offer White Label or OEM pricing?

We do and we try to be very flexible to provide a custom price model to match how your product or service is sold. Contact us for more information on those programs.

How is Yurbi licensed?

By downloading the eBook above you can learn more of the details but the short answer is we have both a user based license model and a report based license model. Licenses are sold as an Annual Term and all support and upgrades are included in the subscription.

Is Yurbi hosted or Cloud based?

Yurbi is 100% web-based but we do not offer it as a cloud service. For now we would rather focus on making great software than managing a hosted infrastructure. However, that doesn't stop you from hosting it on Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, Azure or any other cloud provider to offer a cloud-based service to your users or customers.

Are there any training or implementation costs?

We do offer Instructor-Led Web Based training and Professional Services. However most organizations find working with our Customer Success organization (which is included in our license cost) is more than enough to get them successful with Yurbi. Contact us if you are interested in training or services.

Do you sell to International customers?

We sure do. With Yurbi's multi-lingual support, we think Yurbi is a great fit for our Non-US based customers. We accept both credit cards and bank wire transfers as payment methods for International customers.

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