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How Yurbi Can Help

Self-Service Access to Business Data That Benefits Everyone In The Organization

Yurbi Can Help IT Do More With Less

Yurbi is an intuitive BI solution designed with the business user in mind; no programming, coding, or database expertise needed. At last, IT can get out of the business of report writing and focus on more pressing tasks.

Best Yet, Yurbi Doesn’t Sacrifice Security

Data security is built right into Yurbi, so users only have access to the information IT grants them. And IT is sure to appreciate that Yurbi is a 100% on-premise web-based solution that installs on servers in less than 15 minutes. It’s also refreshingly trouble-free, so IT won’t waste hours on tedious maintenance tasks. Who says IT can’t have its cake and eat it too?

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Unlock the Data Inside Your Help Desk Databases

Many Service Managers are data rich and information starved. Sound familiar? Yurbi is about to change that. Yurbi will help you pull out the data locked inside your help desk database and leverage it to transform your service desk into a highly productive, well-oiled machine. And no coding or programming expertise is required, so you can free yourself from IT.

Save Time and Money

Plus you’ll stop wasting time pasting data from all of your systems into Excel spreadsheets. Yurbi’s dashboards and reports make it easy for service managers to engage with their organization’s information and exact information that decision-makers need to make the right calls. Concerned about integration? No need to be. Yurbi integrates across all databases and platforms in just three simple steps.

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All Your Key Information In One Place

Just the facts. That’s what you’re looking for and when you need an answer fast, trying to pull data from multiple systems doesn’t cut it. But with Yurbi all of your data is merged into an easy to view dashboard you can access from desktop, mobile, and tablet. See the big picture or drill down into the weeds, whatever your needs Yurbi delivers all the data you crave into one location. And because of Yurbi’s innovative no coding approach, you can build reports on the fly, without the help of IT.

Become A Data Driven Organization

Best of all, Yurbi connects real-time to your existing systems so you can be confident you’re viewing all-inclusive, up-to-date information. You and your team gain insights to take action immediately, not 30 days later.

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Deliver Better Software Fast

Your customers are data savvy, they expect something more than stale, static reports and dashboards. They want the power to analyze data dynamically, without having to write code or develop against an API. Yurbi makes it easy to embed reports or dashboards into an existing section of your application or absorb the entire Yurbi solution into your website. Then brand Yurbi with your logo and colors so users enjoy a seamless experience.

Powerful BI That's Affordable

Your users are on the move- and Yurbi is too. In fact, Yurbi’s interface is 100% HTML5 and responsive for mobile, tablet, and desktop. And unlike other companies that require hefty upfront minimums, Yurbi’s flexible pricing model allows you to buy what you need, when you need it. If you’re looking for a robust platform packed with features your users what, you’ve found it.

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