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4 Key Business Factors When Considering an Embedded BI Software Vendor

This article explains four essential business factors to consider before you pick your embedded BI software vendor.

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The Top 7 Data Visualization Tools (Plus 1 Bonus Option)

In this article, we’re taking a look at the top seven data visualization tools to help you better understand your options.

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Don’t Get Stuck With Eye Candy Metrics When Reporting From Cloud Data

The opposite of eye candy metrics are metrics that actually helps you move the needle of your business. But when all your data is stuck in the cloud behind an API how do you get there? We tell you how in this article.

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Considering Microsoft Power BI? Be Sure To Consider The Total Cost of Ownership

If you’ve researched business intelligence (BI) software lately, you’ve probably stumbled across Microsoft Power BI.   Microsoft appears to be using the same playbook they used to bring Microsoft Word to the market back in the […]

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Straight Talk: Review of Tableau Software, the Pros and Cons

{{ Updated: April 2018 }} At 5000fish we’re dedicated to giving you straight talk. While we’ve worked hard to make Yurbi a powerful business intelligence (BI) solution that can help many organizations achieve their goals, we […]

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How Much Does Business Dashboard Software Cost?

{Updated Jan 2018} Although vendors dread it and many salespeople dodge it, one of the first questions an organization will have when starting to investigate dashboard software is a natural and obvious one: “How much will […]

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Is Tableau the Best BI Dashboard for my Business?

You’re a business with plenty of data, and you’re ready to invest in a solution that can manage, organize and analyze that data so you can make better business decisions. If you’re considering Tableau as your […]

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When Buying a BI Solution, What Do You Have to Lose? (TL;DR Not Much With Yurbi)

We work with companies every day that are searching for a business intelligence solution to help improve their businesses through embeddable dashboards, interactive web-based dashboards, formatted exports, and a variety of other use cases. The one […]

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How Much Does White Label and OEM Embedded Analytics Dashboards Cost?

At 5000fish, we work with many partners that are researching white label and OEM embedded analytics and dashboards as they decide whether to build or buy a reporting solution. Logically, the primary question these companies ask […]

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Case Study: Yurbi and Tableau Co-exist; Why You May Need Multiple Solutions for Your BI Needs

Earlier in this decade, the trend of finding a software vendor that can do everything emerged. This is often to the detriment of companies, especially those searching for business intelligence (BI) solutions. We tell people searching […]

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