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Top 6+1 Alternatives to Power BI Embedded

Power BI Embedded is a powerful option for ISVs, but in this article we cover the top reasons organizations are looking for an alternative and 7 other embedded platforms to consider.

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How Much Does White Label and OEM Embedded Analytics Dashboards Cost?

At 5000fish, we work with many partners that are researching white label and OEM embedded analytics and dashboards as they decide whether to build or buy a reporting solution. Logically, the primary question these companies ask […]

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Straight Talk: Review of GoodData; The Pros and Cons

As a well-funded SaaS company with $101 million in total funding, GoodData has found tremendous success. GoodData was one of the first companies to enter the cloud-based business intelligence space back in 2007. Additionally, the company […]

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Best Cloud BI Vendors for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Yurbi is a great solution for many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), but we realize it isn’t the right fit for everyone. For example, on occasion we’ll start talking to a potential customer and realize they […]

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Straight Talk: Review of Salesforce Wave, the Pros and Cons

Staying on top of recent developments and new products in the business intelligence (BI) industry is an important part of our Customer Success approach to doing business. After all, although we hope Yurbi is a good […]

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10 Signs Yurbi May Be a “Good Fit” For Your Organization

At 5000fish, we believe in being frank. Although we design business intelligence (BI) software, we’re the first to admit Yurbi isn’t right for everyone. In fact, there are a handful of reasons Yurbi might not be […]

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