Yurbi Version 10 Overview Webinar

Original Date:  Dec 11, 2014   |  Length:  1:06

See the new release of Yurbi and all the new features

There are a lot of major changes and improvements in this release of Yurbi. For starters we’ve replaced the entire front end with a new modern HTML5 interface. Besides looking great, there is no longer a requirement for Microsoft Silverlight to run Yurbi and the new interface works great on tablets and smartphones now.

But that is just where the changes start. Based on our customer feedback (and those who didn’t become customers) over the past few years we have made a lot of functionality improvements to all areas of the products. In this webinar we will be providing a demonstration of the new Yurbi v10 and specifically:

  • Our new Drag and Drop Dashboard
  • The new Self Service Library features of Yurbi
  • Our New and Improved Code-less Builder
  • Discussion of our Roadmap and what’s next

There will also be time for Q&A.


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