Dashboards and reports without complexity, designed for Service Management.

Stop depending on developers and IT

Without writing a single piece of code, Yurbi gives you the power to extract the data you want from even the most complicated help desk systems. Simply click, drag, and drop, and pull real-time data for analysis.

Enjoy pre-built integration with major service desk vendors

Yurbi supports most service desk vendors, and offers pre-built integrations with ServiceNow, CA, HP, FrontRange, and BMC. You can be up and running with Yurbi in minutes not days. Get Yurbi and start building meaningful reports and dashboards without delay.

No large budget needed

You’re probably wondering if Yurbi is affordable. The short answer is “yes.” In fact, there’s a chance that cost saving insights gained from one report could more than pay for Yurbi. Take a look at the Yurbi Pricing Guide and justifying Yurbi to management will be easier than you thought.

Customer Success

At 5000fish, our goal is to make you successful; we won’t leave you struggling with challenges that derail productivity. You can count on our Customer Success team to be your virtual partner, standing by to help you maximize Service Desk efficiency.

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