Share Ivanti data with all of your stakeholders securely via web-based dashboards, reports, and notifications.

Designed for the layperson

The Ivanti Service Management database is pre-mapped in the Yurbi Premium App, giving you the freedom to access your data without IT’s help.

Budget friendly

Yurbi gives you the freedom to choose the right type and number of licenses that fit your budget best, without sacrificing data or sharing capabilities.

Easily share data via the Web

Yurbi is a 100% Web-based interface that provides on-demand access to the real-time BI you need. Best yet, its intuitive structure makes sharing data a simple task.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is your virtual partner. We’re standing by to not only answer questions, but also to help you leverage Yurbi to get the information you need- and the results you want.

Transform your service desk

Yurbi Premium App supports: Ivanti Service Management. Discover how Yurbi can help you transform your Service Desk into a well-oiled machine; explore these helpful videos, webinars, and datasheets.

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