Business Intelligence that enables your business, without draining your budget.

Consolidated, real-time data

Yurbi makes it easy to pull data from multiple systems into a single, consolidated view. Best of all, Yurbi connects real-time to your existing systems so can rest assured you and your team are viewing all-inclusive, up-to-date information.

No coding approach frees IT resources

Yurbi’s straightforward, no coding approach to report building gives you and your team the power to build reports instantly- without involving IT.

Mobile, real-time data

You and your team are more mobile than ever; your data should be too. With Yurbi, all it takes is a few taps of your tablet and no matter where you roam, you’ll enjoy access to real-time data and ad-hoc report building capabilities.

Self-Service BI that's affordable

Yurbi’s self-service platform coupled with its flexible pricing policy means your organization will benefit from a powerful, yet affordable BI solution.

Customer Success

We know the frustration of needing help ASAP, and being let down by customer service- that’s why 5000fish does things differently. Our Customer Success team delivers fast, responsive support that ensures your organization understands Yurbi plus knows how to leverage it to achieve your unique reporting goals. -And we won’t charge you a service fee for doing so.

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