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What Is Ad-hoc Reporting (And How Can It Help Your Business)?

If you are responsible for tracking metrics and KPIs for your organization but don’t have a background in coding or IT, you’re the perfect candidate to benefit from the ease and intelligence of ad hoc reporting and ad hoc analysis.

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What Is Self-Service BI (And Is It Right For Your Business)?

Let’s take a look at what Self-Service BI actually is, what it isn’t, and how it can change the way you find, analyze, and use business data.

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Use Case: Self-Service BI (I Want To Create Reports Without A Tech Degree)

Yurbi helps turns your data into a tool for the people within your organization who need it the most, your business users. All of which will rejoice at not having to be “that guy” who has to bother IT just to get data access by the way.

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“Done For You” Yurbi Report and Dashboard Development Services

Instead of hiring a dedicated report writer, leveraging the Yurbi “Done For You” report and dashboard development services may make the most sense for end user requests for data.

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What do we mean by “Bring Your Data to Life?”

Bringing your data to life means being able to easily, and quickly, tap into all your business data sources and integrate them to allow your users to access and build reports that help grow your business.

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