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Use Case: We Want to Send Data Reports Via Scheduled Emails

Yurbi provides the best of both worlds; interactive web-based dashboards and the scheduled delivery of reports via email (and in multiple output formats).

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8 Powerful Features to Help You Use Yurbi to the Fullest

One of the great things about Yurbi is that it is a complete business intelligence (BI) platform. Where some BI solutions specialize in dashboards or mobile applications, Yurbi has always endeavored to give businesses a full […]

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The Top 10 Features You Need in Your BI Solution (And One You Didn’t Know You Needed)

Many companies are currently searching for dashboard and reporting solutions, but the market has become pretty crowded. Though most BI vendors have similar core functionalities, not all solutions are created equally. That’s why we’ve put together […]

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Definitive Guide to Yurbi’s Report Alerts and Threshold-Based Queries

We’ve mentioned Yurbi’s report scheduler frequently in the past, but there’s one use case we haven’t spoken about.  Yurbi’s scheduler features notification and alert abilities, which are two different functions. A scheduled notification allows users to […]

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6 Benefits of Using Yurbi for Your ERP Reports and Dashboards

Here at 5000fish, we receive frequent inquires about whether Yurbi can integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ERP systems are most often a suite of integrated business applications that store and manage data, therefore it’s […]

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5 Reasons Why Yurbi is a Great Alternative to SAP Crystal Reports Server

At 5000fish, our first priority is to make things easier for the business user. That’s why we decided to make Yurbi an agile business intelligence solution versus a traditional solution. Over the years we’ve discovered that […]

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7 Challenges of Custom and In-House Built Applications and How Yurbi Can Help

Custom-made or in-house built applications offer advantages to organizations. They are made to address specific requirements or fix gaps in software deployment. The code and program is owned by the company outright, and modifications can be […]

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How to Securely Schedule Reports and Notifications with Yurbi App Shield

Report scheduling is a major time saver, whether you’re sending reports to customers, managers, or other people on your team. However, just because a report is automated and sent regularly doesn’t mean that the importance of […]

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