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5 Common Mistakes of Business Dashboards

A business dashboard can be a powerful addition to any organization- revealing critical insights that lead to better decision-making, improved productivity and enhanced performance. Unfortunately, after investing a considerable amount of money and time into the […]

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What is a Business Dashboard and Do We Need Dashboard Software?

Business dashboards are generating a lot of buzz these days, which may have you wondering whether your organization needs dashboard software. Without learning about your business we can’t say definitively that it would benefit from dashboard […]

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4 Steps to Creating an Effective Dashboard

If you’re considering using a business dashboard to gain insights, improve processes and take your organization to the next level, you need to know not all dashboards are created equal. An effective dashboard doesn’t just “happen;” […]

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How Much Does Data Reporting Software Cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked at 5000fish is “How much does data reporting software cost?” Unfortunately, the answer isn’t cut and dry. How much analytic reporting software costs depends on a number […]

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Best Executive Dashboard for ServiceNow

ServiceNow is recognized as a leading enterprise IT Cloud company that offers a variety of Cloud-based products to help automate and manage IT service relationships. While ServiceNow is a powerful tool, it leaves some customers wanting […]

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Best Dashboard Software for CA Service Management

CA Service Management is one of the premier service desk applications available today. From automated ticket generation to ticket trend analysis and beyond, CA Service Management (formerly CA Service Desk Manager) is an exceptionally versatile application […]

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