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The Top 7 Data Visualization Tools (Plus 1 Bonus Option)

In this article, we’re taking a look at the top seven data visualization tools to help you better understand your options.

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Straight Talk: Review of DOMO; The Pros and Cons

{Updated September 2018} The number of business intelligence vendors offering agile, user-friendly solutions is growing. In addition to well established BI companies developing new products designed to be less technical and more agile than traditional BI […]

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How Much Does Business Dashboard Software Cost?

{Updated Jan 2018} Although vendors dread it and many salespeople dodge it, one of the first questions an organization will have when starting to investigate dashboard software is a natural and obvious one: “How much will […]

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Emerging Trends in the BI Industry for 2016 – Changes are Coming

As an entrepreneur in the BI industry, I make it a priority to stay on top of news and trends in the space. The BI industry is experiencing a lot of transition at the moment, due […]

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How Much Does Self-Service, Agile BI Software Cost?

At 5000fish, we believe in the power of self-service, agile BI and want people to be fully educated before purchasing a solution. This is not only beneficial to customers, but to the BI industry as a […]

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Cloud or On-Premise Dashboards? Best Practices for Reporting on Cloud/SaaS Apps

Companies have become heavily invested in using the Cloud to bring all of their data into one easily accessible place. Therefore it makes perfect sense why they are also going to the Cloud to search for […]

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6 Reasons Why Business Users Are Not Happy With Your Business Intelligence Solution

If there’s one concern we hear from small to medium sized organizations time and again, it’s that they aren’t getting the business intelligence reports they need, or even want. Here are six reasons workers don’t get […]

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Best Cloud BI Vendors for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Yurbi is a great solution for many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), but we realize it isn’t the right fit for everyone. For example, on occasion we’ll start talking to a potential customer and realize they […]

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