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Case Study: Using Yurbi to Gain Access to Legacy BMC Remedy Data

A large, international bank asked us to help us solve an issue the bank was facing. The bank had just switched its helpdesk system from BMC Remedy to ServiceNow. During this transition, the bank was trying […]

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Case Study: Yurbi Tackles a Data Extraction Nightmare (That’s More Common Than You Think)

Here at 5000fish, we encounter many unique challenges companies face regarding data collection, storage, and reporting. Recently, we took on a customer that was facing a data extraction problem. The customer is a manufacturing company that […]

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Case Study: Yurbi Tackles Data Collection, Data Storage, and Data Reporting Issues via a Powerful Integration

Over the years, we have seen that many companies not only have data reporting challenges but data collection issues as well. The quality of any report or dashboard is directly tied to the quality of the data. […]

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Case Study: Yurbi and Tableau Co-exist; Why You May Need Multiple Solutions for Your BI Needs

Earlier in this decade, the trend of finding a software vendor that can do everything emerged. This is often to the detriment of companies, especially those searching for business intelligence (BI) solutions. We tell people searching […]

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