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5 Sources of Essential Data That Can Inform Business Decisions

Making informed decisions is critical to your business success. Compiling and reviewing essential information allows managers and workers to say “yay or nay” with less worry about making a judgment error. Today, scores of different data […]

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How Real-Time Data Can Change Your Marketing Strategy

Big data, especially collected and analyzed in real-time, has leveled the playing field for small and large businesses vis-a-vis marketing. Real-time data done right provides business intelligence which you can apply to solve problems quickly. This […]

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Look at the Data Before Making These 3 Business Decisions

Snap decisions and smart business strategies don’t usually go together. Careful deliberation often leads to making a better decision. Thanks to all the technological means of storing and retrieving data, small business owners won’t find themselves […]

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4 Technologies that Help Your Online Business Run Smoothly

Ask any business owner, and they will tell you that it can be difficult to run a business and maintain consistency. It can be difficult to maintain contacts and keep your regular customers happy and continue […]

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How to Use Customer Feedback to Improve Your Product

Receiving feedback can sometimes be scary. This is especially true when you have put your heart and soul into developing software. However, feedback is a crucial component when it comes to improvement. We need to hear […]

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How to Effectively Market Your New Software

Successfully marketing new software can seem overwhelming and complicated, especially when you are working in a highly competitive industry, or if you are unfamiliar with effective marketing methods and techniques. With the right marketing strategy, increasing […]

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