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Straight Talk: Tableau Vs. Qlik; Pros and Cons

We know it’s hard to separate fact from fiction when you’re evaluating various business intelligence (BI) tools. After all, every BI vendor touts their product as the “best” solution, and the Internet is flooded with biased […]

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Straight Talk: Yurbi Vs Tableau; Strengths and Weaknesses

At 5000fish we take pride in cutting through the hype and offering you straight talk. So when we’re asked how Yurbi is different than competitors like Tableau, we’re glad to outline how the business intelligence (BI) […]

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Straight Talk: Yurbi Vs Qlik, Strengths and Weaknesses

5000fish is a service organization at heart, so when potential customers ask us how Yurbi compares to competitors like QlikView, we’re prepared to give them straight talk. Because the truth is, Yurbi isn’t the right fit […]

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Straight Talk: Review of QlikView, the Pros and Cons

We believe we make a solid business intelligence (BI) solution, but we realize Yurbi isn’t the best fit for every potential client. The good news is, we’re a customer service organization at heart and dedicated to keeping […]

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