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Asking “Do We Need Business Intelligence?” Here are the Top 5 Signs You Do

Are you reading this blog because you woke up this morning with the novel thought in your head that you needed to buy a BI solution today? We didn’t think so. Just like the straw that […]

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Agile BI vs. Traditional BI: Which is Best for My Business?

If you’re searching for a business intelligence (BI) tool, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether an agile or a traditional BI solution meets your organization’s needs best. Usually, the answer isn’t […]

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5 Technical Problems of Business Intelligence Software and What You Can Do About It

Over the years, we’ve noticed the majority of business consumers are not aware of the technical problems associated with business intelligence (BI) software- until it’s too late and they’ve purchased the wrong BI solution for their […]

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