5 Signs You’re Spending More on BI Than You Need To


When decision makers tell us they’re getting nickel and dimed by their business intelligence (BI) vendor, it raises a red flag. While no BI tool is completely free, businesses should be able to budget for BI and feel confident that the benefits of their BI solution outweigh its cost. If they can’t, it could mean they’re using the wrong business intelligence tool.

Here are five signs you’re spending more on business intelligence than you should be. If more than one or two sound familiar, it might be time to switch to a new BI solution.

  1. You’re paying a lot for BI, but your solution isn’t delivering.
    As more business users realize the value of BI, they’re expecting more from your company’s BI solution- but it’s falling short. We often hear IT gurus and business leaders complain that although they continue to pay hefty software fees, their solution no longer delivers like it used to. In short, they’ve outgrown their BI solution.

Yurbi’s Advantage: Yurbi is a state of the art solution that offers a comprehensive set of BI tools, including dashboards, ad-hoc report building, self-service analytics, scheduling, alerting and notifications. Best yet, no coding or IT skill is needed to leverage Yurbi; it’s a business user friendly tool that every member of your organization can take advantage of.

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  1. Every time you turn around, you’re paying a consultant.
    Unlike agile BI software which can be leveraged by the average business user, traditional business intelligence software such as QlikView and SAP Business Objects requires the expertise of a highly skilled developer. On top of the fact that you’re paying top dollar to keep a developer on payroll, it’s also likely you’ll be paying consultant fees when it’s time to upgrade your software or connect to a new data source. All of which eats away at your bottom line.

Yurbi’s Advantage: While we do offer Instructor-Led Web Based training and Professional Services, the resources offered by Yurbi’s Customer Success Team are included in your software subscription and many times that’s all businesses need to help them be successful with Yurbi. – And as long as you’re current on your subscription, upgrades won’t cost you a dime.

  1. You don’t know your ROI, or you do- and it’s negative.
    If you don’t know if your BI solution is effective, or you’re spending more on BI than you’re getting in return, there’s a good chance you’re using the wrong BI software- and it’s costing you. One reason businesses find themselves “stuck” with the wrong BI tool (one that isn’t delivering the ROI they expected) is because they didn’t have a clear reason for using BI in the first place. Now they’re so heavily invested in their BI solution that they feel like they can’t afford to switch to a new solution.

Yurbi’s Advantage: Identifying your use case and determining your budget are the first steps to choosing a BI tool that gives you a positive ROI. When you talk with a member of Yurbi’s Customer Success Team, they’ll talk with you about what you hope to accomplish with BI and help you decide whether Yurbi is a good fit for your organization, or not. Then, you can take a look at Yurbi’s pricing model and determine if Yurbi fits your budget. You’ll find user licenses start at just $495 per year, which includes access to all of Yurbi’s powerful features.

  1. Licensing costs are getting out of control.
    When you first starting using your BI tool, you only needed a few licenses. But as your company has grown, and the number of people who want access to business intelligence has increased, you find you’re paying exorbitant licensing fees- and it’s beginning to have a serious impact on your ROI. Or, perhaps you’ve looked into a few BI solutions and decided that due to licensing costs and other expenses, you couldn’t afford business intelligence. Either way, price has held you back from fully leveraging BI.

Yurbi’s Advantage: At 5000fish, we don’t try to oversell you or require a minimum deal size before we’ll engage with you. In fact, we encourage you to start small, and scale up when the time comes to deploy to a larger audience. And the more licenses you need the more our Tier Volume Discount kicks in.  Another benefit of Yurbi is that we offer both a user based license model and a report based license model- both of which are excellent options for the small to medium sized business.

  1. Your end users want mobile BI, but that’s going to cost a fortune.
    If you’re using a legacy BI tool, mobile BI may not even be available. And if your BI vendor does offer mobile access, there’s a good chance you’ll pay an additional fee for it- and that fee could be significant. Again, you find that you’re getting nickel and dimed.

Yurbi’s Advantage: Yurbi’s HTML5 based mobile app was designed to deliver the optimal mobile experience. Your users can access real-time data, build reports, and more- right from their phone or tablet. Best yet, it costs nothing extra.

A business intelligence product should add value to your organization, not extract it. If some of these signs that you’re spending too much on BI hit home, it could be time to consider a different solution. To learn more about how the right BI tool can benefit your organization, we encourage you to read our free eBook “The Hidden Cost of Bad Business Intelligence.” Or, jump right in and try a trial of Yurbi.

Click here to download “5 Mistakes Executives Make When Buying BI”

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