Embedded Analytics That Don't Cost an Arm and a Leg

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Embed Interactive Dashboards and Reports

Easily embed or provide a branded portal so your customers can experience a secure and personalized experience with data analytics.

Multi-Tenant Security

Yurbi provides a dynamic and robust security model to support multi-tenant security in both a consolidated database model or when you have a database per customer.

For Your SaaS App or On-Premise

Yurbi is hosted on-premise, behind your firewall. We provide the ability for you to host Yurbi in your private cloud or install alongside your software on your customer's network.

Complete BI Platform

Dashboards, reports, ad-hoc building, mobile, scheduling, security and more. We don't sell add-ons, you get all the power of Yurbi in a flexible per data source model with user profile tiering.

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Can I evaluate Yurbi before purchasing it?

Yes, you can try our free trial of Yurbi here to get a feel for it with our sample data and if that sparks your interest we encourage you to do a free 14-day proof of concept where we help you install Yurbi on your server, connected to your data, so you can really see the power.

How is Yurbi licensed for OEMs and Agencies?

We have 3 models that works best depending on if you are just starting up, established with lots of user, or deployed on your customer locations and best of all we lock in all 3 models so as your business grows, your pricing is grandfathered and known.

Is Yurbi hosted or Cloud-based?

Yurbi is 100% web-based but we do not offer it as a cloud service. For now we would rather focus on making great software than managing a hosted infrastructure. However, that doesn't stop you from hosting it on Rackspace, Amazon Web Services, Azure or any other cloud provider to offer a cloud-based service to your users or customers.

Are there any training or implementation costs?

We do offer Instructor-Led Web Based training and Professional Services. However most organizations find working with our Customer Success organization (which is included in our license cost) is more than enough to get them successful with Yurbi. Contact us if you are interested in training or services.

Do you sell to International customers?

We sure do. With Yurbi's multi-lingual support, we think Yurbi is a great fit for our Non-US based customers. We accept both credit cards and bank wire transfers as payment methods for International customers.

What infrastructure is required to host Yurbi?

Yurbi's front-end is 100% HTML5 and JavaScript which makes embedding our dashboards and reports very easy. Our application server is an .Net application and requires a windows server. If you are completely opposed to introducing a Windows server in your environment then Yurbi is probably not a good fit for you. However, many have reconsidered after comparing our OEM model to mainstream competitors.

How does Yurbi access my data?

Yurbi requires a direct SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, or ODBC connection to your database. You can also import CSV or Excel data.

Do I have to copy my data to a Yurbi cloud?

Yurbi doesn't have a cloud, Yurbi is installed on your network, either in your private cloud environment or on-premise alongside your customers. Your data stays in your source database.

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